Stylist Tip #9: Accessories – Less is More

Stylist Tip #9: Accessories – Less is More!




Certain trends develop inevitably with certain seasons. One such trend that is synonymous with the festive period is adding accessories to your look!

Owning a wide range of accessories can be a life-saver at Christmas, so consider each purchase as an investment. Us ladies love our bling so I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear this!

Consider a black dress you have in your wardrobe – imagine the difference a necklace can make to the look versus the difference a black Faux Fur cuff can have.

In my opinion ‘Bling’ is good at Christmas and judging by the current fashion climate, is certainly on trend!

However, in the words of Coco Chanel:

“Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory”

Less is more folks, so take this into consideration before heading out the door covered in diamonds, necklaces, jewels & every thing else bling!

And for any inquiries, just give me a call or send me a message!

Stylist Tip #8: Spice things up with Mustard!

Stylist Tip #8: Spice things up with Mustard!




This winter, one vibrant trend that has emerged is Mustard. This is a colour that will certainly add zest to any outfit you may have planned!

This yellow is absolutely different from the classic sunny yellow we see peek its head out every spring. With winter trends traditionally darker & more subtle, as a consequence of the absence of natural light, adding mustard to an outfit is a fantastic way to stand out for all the right reasons.

A while back I mentioned how Navy is the new Black. Combining navy with mustard is something you will see more and more of over the coming months – and is something you should definitely consider!

Both quite strong tones, but with a soft edge to them. Most importantly neither dominates the other, and in fact they compliment each other. It is for this reason that this Christmas, I highly recommend adding in a couple of Mustard pieces to your wardrobe.

Stylist Tip #7: Scarves – Quintessential to Every Stylish Lady this Christmas!

Stylist Tip #7: Scarves – Quintessential to Every Stylish Lady this Christmas!




Scarfs have been around for thousands of years, with a general agreement that they originated in Ancient Rome. Over the years, neither how a scarf is worn or how it looks has changed drastically – meaning that this certain element of ladies’ fashion is one of the few that can stake claim as a classic!

Every Winter season, I recommend my clients invest in a quality scarf. The reasons for this are multiple, but one of my favourites is how adding a scarf completely transforms your look, taking it from casual to the chic & stylish!

Another reason of course is its functionality. Scarfs are the perfect blend of style & warmth, meaning you can keep nice and cosy inside it and on the outside still achieve your goal look!

As I’ve already stated, a scarf can transform your look. And when utilised correctly, it can save you a lot of money on outfits. Modifying an existing look with a scarf makes a lot more sense than purchasing an entire new outfit – financially anyway

Stylist Tip #6 – Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

Stylist Tip #6 – Shine Bright Like a Diamond!
As we progress deeper into the Autumn/Winter season – themes that are key to the festive period become more important. One such theme that is certainly on trend this Christmas is the metallics, once again. But this year, we are seeing trends develop within trends – in particular your golds and silvers! So this stylist tip is centred around these metallics.There are multiple reasons I recommend, from a stylist’s perspective, including metallics as part of your wardrobe for the festive season. Firstly, donning golds and silvers are a bold look that helps you stand out from the crowd – for the right reasons!

Next, if you’re not a fan of wearing sequins, which are inevitably a focal point of style every Christmas you can not only replace them with metallics. In fact, you can enhance your entire outfit by electing to go with golds and silvers over the standard sequins!

Regarding working them into your look, it’s really quite simple. Teaming silver with a splash of colour can bring an edge to a look. Silver itself is straightforward enough to wear during the day – but still adds enough sparkle to wear at night!

Golds have been a favourite of mine over the past few years, and this year I’m backing a combination of rose-gold & cream to make quite an impact over the next few weeks. From my experience as a stylist & personal shopping – I know that every lady loves gold!

And if you want to go for a more subtle look, electing for a fabric with some silver or gold stitching throughout is your best friend. And speaking of best friends… let’s not forget the jewellery girls – or fellas if you’re reading. Christmas is around the corner!

Stylist Tip #5: Pull off Grey like a Pro!

Stylist Tip #5: Pull off Grey like a Pro!
As we move into November – it makes sense that our wardrobe undergoes the same transition. Over the next week or so, I will be explaining all about what colours are in this Autumn/Winter, and how to wear them. From a stylist’s perspective – I think it’s important to let you all know about the upcoming trends…

One colour that certainly is in is Grey. And of course – there are certain ways to wear this, depending on what look you want to achieve. I can show you how – through my personal shopping service, or just from my stylist tips!

For example combining grey with dark green is an excellent way to portray a sense of sophistication – yet at the same time offers an air of mystery. This is a perfect smart casual look.

Should you choose to mix grey with pink and you get a classical, more romantic look. The union of the pink & grey offers a softer impression which could be your goal if you want to appear both friendly and powerful!

Mixing colours is an art that needs a lot of practise & thought. Think about what aura you want to emit when combining different colours & shades – and stay tuned for more colour tips coming up!

Christmas is around the corner. A great gift can be to hire my personal shopping service or stylist service as this can be a fun way to learn about your own style, how to shop for it and how to save money!

Stylist Tip #4: How to Interview.

Stylist Tip #4: How to Interview.


This one is for the guys out there – and yes I get lots of inquiries from guys seeking a stylist!

You don’t get a second chance to make a first good impression – and this is incredibly important for interviews. You may be the most qualified person in the world, but a bad first impression and you may be passed over for the role or job you really want! Your personal hygiene can be an indicator of your attention to detail – which is important for every walk of life.

When interviewing – almost everybody overlooks the minor aspects of your appearance that can often put off an interviewer immediately. From a stylist’s point of view, I start with the basics. Personal hygiene is incredibly important, and this begins with your hands. Yes, believe it or not, your hands are hugely important. Ensuring your nails are trimmed & clean is an absolute necessity, as your body language is key in an interview, and is centered around your hand movements. Your potential employer will consequently see a lot of gestures & movements as you express yourself – and so hands with poor hygiene can leave them with a poor impression of your personal sanitation!

Next – your choice of aftershave. Sadly, Lynx Africa will not cut it fellas! If you have no idea of what to wear, go into a chemist & ask. You don’t want to be smelling too strong – but just enough to leave a lasting & positive impression.

Your outfit is of course absolutely crucial. This needs to be carefully selected and ironed the night before. Too often throwing together a medley of your perceived best clothes is decided on in the morning, and usually picked off the floor! Shower, fix your hair & put on the outfit that has been waiting for you since the night before.

When driving to the interview, another tip I give is to leave the jacket on a hanger in the back seat. This is to ensure that you avoid creasing the clothing you so carefully ironed the night before. Put this on just as you are entering the premises, and you will have successfully obtained that slick & professional look you set to out to achieve. Although very simple, this stylist tip really can make a difference.

It pays to be meticulous. My hour long presentation prepares you for the professional world, and for life! And of course, it opens with the one thing a lot of our professional men still cannot do, how to tie as tie.

So if you have a friend/boyfriend/husband/son/brother looking to make a good impression in the professional world – a stylist can really help them stand out on the day!

Stylist Tip #2

Stylist Tips #2

On the cusp of the Autumn/Winter season, there are certain key elements of ladies’ style that are often either overlooked or ignored – and this is criminal!

These begin with the omnipresent dilemma – should I be wearing tan in the Winter? The answer is a resounding yes. Too often we feel that just because everybody’s natural colour is starting to fade, we should also tone down on the amount of fake tan we use. However, entering the winter months means that we start dressing in darker shades, which can make you appear even paler than what you are.

My advice would be to ensure you’re wearing fake tan – but rather than opting for a Sally Hansen-esque tan go for a gradual moisturising tan lotion, for a more subtle day-time look. And on occasion – a spray tan can be great also!

Asides from ensuring you’ve maintained a glow, the next tip I would encourage everybody to consider is investing in Faux Fur. The reasoning behind this is down to how adding a Faux Fur piece to your outfit can really transform your look. This can take you from a day-time look to a night-time look instantly. If you are on a budget – this is ideal to completely change the look of your winter coat. Faux Fur is an incredibly inexpensive way to dress up your outfit as they can enhance almost every ensemble.

Stylist Tip #3: These Boots are Made for Buyin’!


This Autumn/Winter it is an absolute MUST that you invest in a good pair of boots. I use the term ‘invest’ because they literally are an investment – they’ll be your best friend throughout the festive season and beyond – they’re perfect for every occasion!

Transform your casual day-wear look into a chic & edgy outfit with both ankle boots & knee-high boots. Both are timeless classics which have endured multiple trends and so my advice for the upcoming season is to treat yourself to a pair or two!